Why this blog

???????????????????????????????I love my work in science and engineering. I loved my time on the faculty of a major university. I did not switch my career to pastoring and seminary teaching hastily. I did so because I have become convinced that biblical Christianity is a far more attractive philosophy of life than many non-Christians realize. I also believe it is more intellectually rigorous than many of its opponents give it credit for.

To be honest, I find that all too often opponents of religion or Christianity are not very well informed on issues that have been discussed by very bright Christian thinkers for millennia. The best of these have never ducked the hard questions that Christianity raises. My hope always is that if you want to oppose a point of view, you ought to work hard to find out what the best thinkers on the other side have said rather than set up straw men to knock down.

At any rate, my hope is that on this blog we can have some good, respectful, hardball discussions about all this. I like the idea of having my own ideas tested, as long as my discussion partners are respectful and don’t mind the same. I might change some of my ideas. Or even if not, I might be stimulated to think about problems I had previously ignored. I had these kinds of discussions going all the way back to my faculty and student days and I’m hoping that they will prove as interesting and enlightening now as they did then.

So join the discussion. Give me feedback. Let’s talk.

Ron Klaus